activities: 2013-2014

2014 March 17-21: A five day Food and Vegetable Preservation Course and Nutrition Education Programme was held from 17-21 March 2014 at the 'Howrah Assembly' club, Howrah, where fifty women from different age and community were conducted by the Food & Nutrition Board (Eastern Region) Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India.
The participans were: Aloka Hazra | Anamika Dutta Bhowmik | Anita Dolui | Arati Mahish | Bandana Das | Bithika Kanra | Debjani Dutta | Falguni Mallick | Jhilli Chowdhury | Jyostna Das | Kajal Mondal | Krishna Basu | Krishna Mitra | Mamata Kapas (Ghosh) | Manasi Das | Manika Mondal | Manisha Mahish | Manosree Shee | Minati Mukherjee | Mitali Chatterjee | Mitali Mallick | Mitra Das | Mitra Ghosh | Mou Chakraborty | Moumita Parui | Mousumi Das | Munmun Manna | Munmun Monadal | Priyanka Narua | Pryanka Khanra | Puravi Das | Ratna Mondal | Rita Karati | Rupa Show | Sangita Hazra | Shrabani Mahish | Shreya Polley | Soma Das | Soma Ghosh | Soma Hazra | Soma Karati | Soma Ray | Srestha Dutta | Subrata Ganguly | Sumana Hazra | Sumita Chakraborty | Susoma Golui | Swapna Hazra | Swapna Koley | Tinamoni Pal || Album: ||

2014 February 2: A Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) programme was held on Sunday, 2 February 2014 at 10am. at Pakurtala Kalimata mandir auditorium, Kali Kundu lane, Howrah 711 101. That was conducted by us and organised by the ANKUR, a Women Social Organization.

2013 December 22: A Socio-economic survey and a Breast Cancer Awareness programme were held at the Maula Box Mallick Smriti Vidyalaya. Jagacha, Howrah. Forty six women age group of 18 - 50 years participated. || Album ||

2013 October 9: Food and Clothing Distribution (FCD) programme was held at the Janasiksha Prachar Kendra, Baganda, Hooghly. || Album ||

2013 Sept 23 & 24:
An Orientation Training Course (OTC) was organized by this foundation, at Howrah Assembly, 24/1, Kali Kundu Lane, Howrah 711101 from 23rd and 24th Sept, 2013. The two days’ training programme was conducted by the Food & Nutrition Board, Min. of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India. The aim of the program was to develop scientific knowledge and skill on health, nutrition and child care among the women of the locality. Thirty women participated the OTC. || Album ||

2013 Aug 24 to Sep 8:
Health Check-up & Yoga Performance Assessment Programme (Level I) has been successfully completed. The programme was held at the Mauchak Club and Chamrail High School, Howrah, about one hundred and fifty school students were participated. || Album ||

2013 June 7 to 9: Three days Summer Camp for the school students of during the summer vacation has been successfully completed from 7th to 9th June 2013 at the Sibpur B E College Model High School. The aims of the programme are to develop Self-confidence, Fellow-feeling and Healthy lifestyle among the young generation. The programme was inaugurated by prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Vice Chanceller, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah. Mr. Arup Roy, Hon'ble minister for Agriculture Marketing of West Bengal was present on the last day of the event. The following fifty two students in the age group of 12 -15 years (Class VI to IX) from different schools were participated.

|| Album: Day one || Album: Day Two || Album: Day Three ||

Aastha Naskar | Abhinandan Jana | Abhishek Chakraborty | Ahona Majumder | Amrita Paul | Aniket Banerjee | Animesh Maji | Arit Adak | Aritra Mazumder | Arnab Mukherjee | Ayana Das | Biswa Nath Jaiswal | Bodhisattwa Chakraborty | Debadri Bhattacharya | Debarya Banerjee | Debayan Roychoudhury | Dipan Chakraborty | Ekshan Paul | Haimi Sarkar | Kankona Chakrabarty | Kuntal Ghosh | Md. Ebrar Mondal | Niladri Dey | Nillohit Naskar | Oindrila Saha | Parshan Banerjee | Piyali Patra | Poulami Hazra | Pratya Kanrar | Pritama Sinha | Promita Sardar | Rahul Hait | Riddhi Mondal | Rudraraj Ghosh | Sagnik Ghosh | Sanghadip Chanda | Sangita Polley | Sarthak Ghorai | Shreya Pattanayak | Sinchan Mahato | Soham Roy | Soumyak Golder | Sounak Laha | Souvik Samanta | Sreejita Bose | Srija Haldar | Sunetra Mukherjee | Suranjana Pusti | Suryadip Roy | Swapnil ghosh | Swatantra Dhara | Tathaghta Gharami

The event comprised of the following subjects:
Basics of Photography
Body-Mind integration (through Yoga & Meditation)
Camp fire
Confidence Upgrading Program (through Psychological support)
First aid and Emergency Management (by Indian Red Cross Society)
Group discussion
Medical Screening and Physical Fitness Assessment
Nature study
Nutrition & Diet
Performance Enhancement Program
Self Hygiene
Self-confidence assessment (through Psychological screening)
Survival Program Phase 1 (Fire-making & Self-cooking)
Survival Program Phase 2 (Shelter-making & Tent-pitching)
Survival Program Phase 3 (Disaster management programme)

All the Participants of Summer Camp 2013 submitted their reports on the Summer Camp.
Certificate of Appreciation for report writing on Summer Camp 2013 awarded to the following participants:

1. Haimi Sarkar : B E College Model School, Howrah ; Class VIII
2. Srijita Basu : B E College Model School, Howrah ; Class VIII
3. Soham Ray : Howrah Vivekananda Institution, Howrah; Class IX
4. Shreya Pattanayak : B E College Model School , Howrah ; Class IX
5. Ayana Das : Sakhawat Memorial Govt. Girls High School, Kolkata; Class IX

2013 May 24 to June 1: The nine days Summer Camp for Social Awareness and Friendship has been successfully completed at Singalila National Park , Darjeeling.

2013 April 28: The Sports Medicine Coverage for the Trainees of Football Coaching Camp of Howrah Veterans Sports Club was kicked off on 28 April, 2013, at the Howrah Municipal Corporation Stadium. Thirty nursery league football trainee have been included in this long term sports medical coverage scheme. Hon. Minister of Agricultural Marketing, Govt of west Bengal, Mr. Arup Roy, and Ms. Mamata Jaiswal, Mayor, Howrah Municipal Corporation were present along with thirty coaches and guardians. || Album ||

2013 April 15: The inaugural function was held at the Maidan Tent, Veterans Sports Club, Kolkata on 15 April 2013, 4:00 PM onwards. The two and half hour long programme comprised handing over five footballs each of five different aspirant football teams, demonstration of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Player’s health Check-Up,
Sports Performance Analysis
. About one hundred people observed including footballers, yoga performers, students, guardians, coaches, general people and distinguished sports personalities. || Album ||

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